Raw Data Access
All data on this site is freely available to the public.

Townsville Weather does not use SQL, and all data ever recorded by Rasmussen Weather, Townsville Weather and BOM is freely available via json. It is updated everyday at 2am.

Our data sources are as follows:

March 2016 to Current: Bureau of Meteorology, Townsville Airport.
Data Link: https://www.townsvilleweather.com/history/

February 2002 to December 2009: Rasmussen Weather, Rasmussen.
January 2010 to February 2016: Townsville Weather, Condon.
Data Link: https://www.townsvilleweather.com/oldhistory/

Water Data for Ross and Paluma Dams
Data Link: https://www.townsvilleweather.com/history/dam_levels.json