Observations for Cape Ferguson at 2:03 am EST Thursday 23 November 2017
Temperature: N/A and Steady
Humidity: N/A and Steady
Feels Like: N/A and Steady
Barometric Pressure: 1008.9 hPa and Steady
Wind: SSE at 19 km/hr
Gusting: 24 km/hr
Dew Point: N/A and Steady
Rainfall: 0 mm
Cloud Base: N/A
Visibility: N/A
Extremes for Today
Barometric Pressure Max: 1010.2 hPa at 00:00
Barometric Pressure Min: 1008.9 hPa at 02:00
Wind Gust Max: 50 km/hr at 00:30
Rainfall: 0 mm
Extremes for Yesterday
Barometric Pressure Max: 1011.2 hPa at 09:30
Barometric Pressure Min: 1008.3 hPa at 16:30
Wind Gust Max: 50 km/hr at 22:30
Rainfall: 0 mm